From Hackney, London

DJ Profile

I make my own music that's my own style of techno., it's sexy and it's amazing.
I mix others music as well and I actually beatmatch really well unlike some artist don't know quite the skill in doing this.
I been playing and making music plus 10+ years.
Where I've played:
I've played in in many club venues in Spain.
I've also played in festivals in check republic and Prague.
I played in club venues in my home town Poland and of course venues all over England as well.
I play on mostly vinyl as my preferred style of Djing - the original way.
I can also play cd's if required too.
I own all my own Dj equipment at home.
I have a huge massive vinyl collection witch is mostly techno and also consist of drum & bass classics, break beat, tekhouse, funk, disco and more.
I turn up for every gig I agree too.
I turn up on time and fully prepared

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

I have dj'd in Clubs, bars, festivals and different venues all over England, Poland, Spain, Check Republic, Prague and much more




Techno, acid techno, break beat, classics, house, tekhouse, funky, disco, funk and much more

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