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Started when I was 19. I have been playing mainly in Prague and Warsaw as I was living abroad for the last couple of years and this is where I really honed my skills. I'm also a singed producer making a variety of styles of house. MY first EP got very good reactions and I have an upcoming single and album due later this year. At the moment though now I'm back in the UK I have no contacts in the music industry so I'm finding it hard to get gigs.

Here is my Bio, I also have professional portfolio I can send you too if you want it.

"With a bass so blatant you know what it means - That track's top, yeah that track's Sheen's "

Born 1991, in the heart of NY (That's North Yorkshire) and having musical influences all around, with his uncle a music producer and almost all of his family playing some form of instrument, it was only natural that Sheen would soon pick one up too.

His musical influences growing up were classic British rock groups such as Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and Thunder, to name a few. Moving into his teen years he discovered a love for 80’s synth pop. The sound of those early electronic synths and catchy vocals opened up a love for music he didn't even know he had. This was to happen again when Sheen, now old enough to go explore the world on his own, one day found himself in a very much loved club in Leeds on a sunny summer Sunday morning. The crowds were big, the music was House, the air filled with unity and love, and so did his heart.
From this day, Sheen started learning to DJ and produce electronic music. With Sheen already having the natural ability to create music through the means of physical instruments, this was a natural progression that was destined to happen.
Skip to present and it’s hard to fit Sheen into any one specific genre, He is what he is and he does what he does. Producing a range of styles and adding live elements to his sets - you'll always be waiting with eager ears for that next drop.

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

Luzztro, (Warsaw, PL) Chapeu Rouge (Prague, CZ) Nowa Jerozolima (Warsaw, PL) Penthouse, (Hull) Atelier (prague, cz)




Tech, bass, jackin, garage, minimal, vocal house.

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