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I began 9 years ago when i decided i wasnt happy working in clubs on the bottom dollar. I always had a keen interest in the crowd. I started out in promotions learning what djs worked well. How playing certain songs would get different reactions, when to drop/not drop them into a set. I learned how to manipulate a crowd that wasnt of set age. I am now able to play to mostly any age range in various genres to a good standard. I have played various occasions from weddings to kids parties. I have even played in large venues and star beach for thousands of people. I have confident mic skills and am very confident with my music. Luckily for me I enjoy making the crowd react so dont have to limit myself to a set genre.

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Venues Played:

rehab, reflex, popworld, chasers, rnb club, smithys tavern, umbrella bar, mini bar, jukebox, brits bar, warehouse, wkd, schuss, miravalinno, wembley, candy, petrinos, 48, bsb, pryzm, lounge 30, projekt, elbow rooms, brass pig




rnb, house, funk, soul, motown, house, chart, dubstep, electro, trance, dnb, pop, cheese, 80's, 90's, hip hop, edm, lounge

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