Mirko Zurko

From Rome / London

DJ Profile

- My Music Background

Mirko Zurko’s love of electronic music was born in 1985. By the age of 16 He was recording various styles of music – mainly at that time the 80s dance music that was all over the European disco scene – and was deep into mixing sounds and vocalists: an amateur dj mixing the music of the top ten.
Haunted by the music of Paul Hardcastle, Marc Cerrone, Frankie Knuckles and Giorgio Moroder’s famous theme in “Midnight Express”, the fifteen-year-old Mirko was already making house music in 1987, and then, by the age of 17, was trying mixing deep house and techno.
By nineteen he was in London, where he discovered Black Market Records, acid house and garage house. At the same time starting out as an amateur dj in Italy. Soon, as the dj named Zurko, he was also playing in the most important London house clubs, sharing international dj sets with iconic producers and djs, such  as Joe T. Vanelli, Claudio Coccoluto, Alex Neri and Santos. He formed Detroit Family in 1995 with vocalist, dance and live techno, which attracted attention around Italy and European house clubs. For five years Detroit Family played in London clubs like Black Jelly and RED, in Ibiza Clubs and seasonal parties, organising and collaborating with international ’90s music groups like Angel of Love, New York Bar, Exogroove and Fitzcarraldo.
While returning to his studies in Economics at the University of Rome, he continued to play techno music, delighting young people with amazing live dj sets until 2004, when he was involved in the accident that changed his life, ending for a while his career as a dj and producer. For almost seven years Mirko stopped his work as a producer, though he continued playing in his original home city and others clubs around the capital.
Throughout these years Mirko Zurko has deepened his knowledge of jazz, techno house and Caribbean folk sound. During his ‘silent years’ he started to produce digital deep house music, and, following the evolution of electronic sound, mixed techno house, jazz and Caribbean folk. This has increased his interest in new rhythms and added to his development of deep house.
At 39 Mirko has fully rediscovered his passion. He restarted as a producer with the local record label Pump Music Record, producing “Magic Island”, followed by “In my room”. Knowledge and passion inspire his music that is a mix of techno house and deep house expression.
Mirko Zurko’s music has emotion and energy – he calls it “new deep” – drawing inspiration from Caribbean and techno sound, which infuse his latest productions ‘Opera Deep’ and ‘sexso Deep’. With no idea of quite where he’s heading, and with the feeling of slowly finding out who he is, he continues with a passion for making music for others.

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Type of Dj'ing:

Party/Disco DJ

Venues Played:

Mc Queen (London) - Arch 365 (London) - Home House (London) - Madison (London) - Delano (Ibiza) - Bambu (Ibiza) - Veto Social Club (Ibiza) ecc




House Deep Tech House Minimal Techno

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