From London South East(Greenwich)

DJ Profile

My name is Christian Essomba
Dj name KRISS
I'm base in south east london(Greenwich)
I've been deejaying since 2004 to date
I'm specialise in commercial music , top charts(House, Deep house,Pop.80's, R&B)
Vennue Q-bar,Tantra night club(regent street london) Miabella night club (soho) The British Luxury Club(oxford street) Mamilanji (kings road) Bar Rumba(piccadilly)
I've been playing in different country (france,switzerland,sweden) i also play at the wakestock Festival

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

The British Luxury Club(oxford street) Mamilanji(kings road) Miabella(soho) Bar Rumba(picadilly)




Top charts, house(funky,deep) 80's ,Pop, hip hop and R&B

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