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From South West (travel often)

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My love affair with music was formed from a really young age, playing club classics and new dance releases to anyone that would listen! As a young teenager I built up some basic equipment and began to DJ for family friends', last year I launched TUSK Events. My business runs events, plans parties, and offers mobile disco and DJ services through-out the South West of England.

I have DJ'd at a range of events for a very varied client base! I have experience DJing for 25th anniversaries, Christmas parties and so on. Some of my highlights include DJing on the end of Bournemouth Pier, we had a budget of £7000 to run the event for the clients, their guests flew in from as far away as South Africa. Another highlight included working with a company that in turn works with Glastonbury Festival and organises many commercial events, I DJ'd at a mock-up nightclub in the middle of nowhere for them, for a triple 18th birthday with over 300 (18-24y.o.) attendees.

Fortunately I have an excellent team of DJ's that work for me and run the business in my absence, I'd love to spend more time doing what I love, being a DJ, using music to make people happy. I'm particularly keen to find some contract work either in the U.K. or internationally.

I can work with most music genres, though have a particular interest for dance anthems, house and electronic music, as well as club classics. I believe the music I play speaks for itself, as such I'll often avoid the mic.

My work ethic is excellent, you can rest assured that I'll provide a great set/s, I'm always punctual and can provide you with invoices etc through my business.

I'd welcome any questions regarding my availability, style, background etc.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

a varied range of venues




Whatever the client requires.

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