Jodie C

From Manchester

DJ Profile

I have been working as a singer for more than 12 years and 4 years ago decided to combine both singing and doing together. I have been recently working in China for the past 3 years as a club DJ for large outdoor events and festivals with average crowds of 300-2000 people.

My style is generally (but not limited to): deep house, Nv Disco, vocal house (sang by myself) or for larger festival crowds more progressive and harder sets.

I have all my own equipment and can play with CDJ's or controllers and can confidently use Serato, traktor or just mix by ear using USB.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

MUSE, Strawberry music festival, Flairs (Ritz Carlton), Lilly Marleen, Temple Lounge




House, Deep house, pop, commercial, Nv Disco, progressive, minimal, Techno

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