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Im an egyptian dj and sound engineer who moved lately from sharm el sheikh to dubai , my name is Hatem Taha Aka Dj Krazi'b born 1984 in Egypt and live now in Dubai , start taste the music since early 90's starting from rap , hiphop with all the histroy of music , starting to spinning the decks from 2003 as a bed room dj until starting the dj career in 2006 as a hiphop dj then change the category to house electronic music at clubs in sharm el sheikh , hurghada , cairo , im always use 3 decks and some times 4 decks to make my mix to the max levels i produce few tracks , i like mash ups , remixes , editing music and thats what always makes me the best winning dj academy egypt competetion award 2 times and dj academy minstry of sound competetion award
I worked with big lables clubs like pacha , space , la dolce vita , little budda

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

new yeats of hilton sharm el sheikh last 3 years , resident at pacha sharm el sheikh 1 year , guest dj in several places in sharm cairo and dubai


london , manchester , liverpool , etc


house , deep , progrissive , electro , commercial house , edm ,minimal

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