Dj Onetrax

From London

DJ Profile

DJ Onetrax is the outstanding French DJ with 15 years experience across public (Club – Bar – Festival…) And private events. He has performed in :
Ibiza, Los Angeles, Marseille, Nice, Reims, Aix-en-Provence, Cannes, London, Sitges, Zadar, Bari, Turino, Sevilla, Luxembourg and Prague. He has also worked on French radio (RADIO STAR and RADIO FG) where he performed at multiple concerts in Marseille and Barcelona.

Best performance :
Techno Parade Barcelona (Esp) 2016 and 2018 – 12 000 People
Electronic Concert Marseille 2016 (Fr) 10 000 People
Techno Parade Marseille (Fr) 2016 7 000 People
Space Ibiza Warm up 2016 (Last chapter Carl Cox)
Festival of Cannes (Fr) 2016 Private party Michael Jackson Fondation
Opening Saison Ibiza 2018 (Club SOHO – Bay Bar – Koppa – Kilties)

Second Price DJ CONQUEST San Antonio Ibiza Club Soho 2018
Second Best Dj junior of France 2006 Marseille (Fr) Amazing performance with 5 Players ! ( 2 Vinyls and 3 CDJ)

Best Performance Youtube : “You are the One” (500 000 Views) and “So i begin” With Galleon 1000000 views !

Best Performance Track and production : “Be together” and “Lady Gaga Bad Romance Remix”

Remix for : SEAL (Dancing Queen) Lady Gaga (Bad Romance) Gwen Stefani (What you waiting for) Lady (Easy Love) U2 Feat Miya (still haven’t found what i’m looking for)

Aside from his performance, he has also produced tracks released on Red Bus Records and Brioche Edizioni Musicali.

Someone once described him as a “bomb of energy” and “the epicenter of an earthquake”, showing his ability to make each event unique.
Always in the Studio for create the amazing remix , Production and bootleg.


10 Year like a resident DJ, 5 years like a Dj/Producer on tour everywhere in the world !

Label : Blue Thunder Music – Soundgood – Red bus Records

United States – United Kingdom and Europe Have already try the “French Touch” !
Own Equipement (Speakers , Light show , FX...)
Welcome to the crazy world of DJ ONETRAX Get Ready for the amazing party !

Type of Dj'ing:

Club - Bar - Festival - Private party

Venues Played:

2006 - 2017 : La garenne (Gap in France) Le Final (Gap in France) Lounge 31 (Gap In France) The 7th Days (Gap in France) The Cha Do (Marseille France) The Mistral (Marseille France) The new cancan (Marseille France) Techno parade (Barcelona Spain) The beach club (ibiza Spain) Bacchus (Bishop's London UK) Alibi (prague SV) piccolo (Turin ITA) Private Party Beach (Zadar CRO) Private party Techno (Dortmound) Electric Concert (Marseille FR) Resident Dj Radio (Panoramix Radio and Radio Star)




Techno - electro - deep/House House commercial - Rn'B - Disco/Funk 80's 90's - Tribal Latino - EDM - house Commercial - Open format !

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