Dj Danny Richards

From London

DJ Profile

Danny Richards – composer/ DJ/ producer/ engineer and founder of Hitfamilia. Danny Richards has been a reputable radio and club DJ in London and abroad, his knowledge and experience spans 29+ years.
Here are just some of the many clubs, promotions and DJ affiliates that Danny HITMAN Richards has worked with:

Promotion DJ bookings
Twice as Nice Promotions, Pure Silk, Sun City Pro, Garage City, Zoo Entertainment, Guess Who Pro, Freek in you Pro, Paul K Pro, Morsal Pro, Resident club Koo, Wild Dreams Pro, New Yorkers Pro, Main Ingredient Pro, Passion Pro, Indulgence Pro, Taste 92.5 fm Pro, Boss 97.5 fm Pro, Mac 92.7 fm Pro, Freek 101.8 fm Pro, Rags 2 Riches Pro, Love Injection Pro, Superjam Pro, Orange pro, and much more…

If you can mix "Dougy Fresh" Six minutes the show and "Shout" by Tears for fears you've got the job. This is how Danny ‘HITMAN’ Richards started his career in 1983. The owner of the record shop wanted the test completed upon return from the shops. Needless to say HITMAN succeeded and within a year he appeared as a professional DJ working for the No 1 sound in Trinidad, "D – Professionals ".
Danny ‘HITMAN’ Richards style of mixing is too difficult to define because he finds pleasure in the diverse variety of styles in music. So, what sets the agenda in a gig, is the audience and how to take them onto a “high”. To create energy and melodies from music is not only rewarding but progressive.

The aim of a party is to build a positive atmosphere that contrasts with the uplifting sections in music.
Danny ‘HITMAN’ Richards try's to remain faithful to the basic idea of a good night out: ENTERTAINMENT, EMOTION AND SURPRISE.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

Leicester square Soho, Covent Garden, London residency night club DJ, Lacy’s night club, Visions night club, Hippodrome, Wag club Soho Lon, Maximus night club aka Metra night club, Café de paire, Gas club, Zoo club, club Koo, club Storm, Bar rumba night club, Oxygen Bar / club, Shush Rooms night club, Venom club, Hanover Grand night club, Velvet Room night club, Garage City club Astoria, The Spot Bar night club, and much more…




club chart,commercial,edm,dance,anthems,house,garage,Funky Disco,R&B,Trill,Trap,Hip Hop,80's disco,50's,60's,70's,80's oldie goldies,pop,soul,rear groove,

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