Dj Chukz

From Enfield

DJ Profile

I started djing at the tender age of 15 because of my passion for music, it was hard at first because no one would give me a chance. But I carried on! I played for anyone willing to listen, family and friends! When I moved to the Uk at age 18 I slowly made my way into clubs in Manchester and built a name for myself on the house and EDM scene, after which I returned to Zimbabwe and nailed down a fair few residences at some of the countries biggest nightclubs. I took a break from djing for a little bit, and have now moved back to England at age 21 and am wanting to get back into it

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

Pabloz night club (Zimbabwe), Skyy bar(Zimbabwe) Motor sports club(Zimbabwe) Tiger tiger(Manchester) Avici white (Manchester) and the Nederland Festival (Zimbabwe)




Hip-hop, R&B,house,EDM and Danchall

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