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I am a self taught professional DJ born and raised in South Africa. I started out by playing for my friends at parties for free and on one night got a chance to DJ at a well renowned club in Stellenbosch in South Africa where I bar tended for quite a while. I DJ there for about a year and then got an opportunity at Tin Roof where I also DJ for about a year. My style is anything you want it to be, but I specialize in EDM and Trance. I have the experience to read a crowd due to 2 years of private DJ-ing at weddings, clubs, dances and birthday parties. I like to believe that I can make it big one day, just need that one break to prove myself.

Type of Dj'ing:


Venues Played:

Tin Roof, Catwalk




EDM, Trance, Deep House, Commercial

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