DJ Arci F

From East Grinstead

DJ Profile

Born in Malta and grew up with a music passion on my heart at the early age of 15. Worked at various clubs and bars in Malta. Had a few venues in the UK. A well-spoken, articulate and professional DJ with excellent communication skills and a good sense of timing and co-ordination. Highly energetic and a gifted personality with the ability to control the moods of people. Specialise in House, Funky House, Tech, Deep House and Progressive.

Type of Dj'ing:

Club/Bar DJ

Venues Played:

WORK EXPERIENCE Malta Chequers Wine Bar Resident DJ - 1999 - 2009 Black Gold Pub - 1999 – 2009 Boat Parties 2001 – 2009 Blue Hawaii Bar 2008 MTV at Grotta Club, Gozo UK The George, Brixton 2010/11 The Bank, Streatham 2015/2016 The Bridge Bar – Guest DJ, East Grinstead 2016/17




House, Funky, Tech House, Progressive and Deep House

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